Life Brokers and Agents of Ireland! Knowing how to get clients is the most important knowledge to your success!

I did 3 MDRT’S but I was frustrated, uncertain and had very little money. Like many of us I suffered through tortures of cold calling, knocking on doors and begging for referrals (Pushy ways). Why waste time with prospects that were never interested? Do not become one of the 87% that leave the industry in less than 5 years…

Now I know you’re going to have a hard time believing all prospects will contact you first… and you’re going to have an even harder time believing that you could do it in a good or bad market, but…


Most salesmen have tried mass marketing programs with the insurance company covering most of the cost. The majority of programs usually give away a free road atlas or a leather bound address book… something to entice prospects to respond to what they mail. But the people who respond to such gimmicks seem to be more interested in a free gift than they are about reviewing life insurance or buying financial services.

The problem life insurance companies make is forgetting that customers buy life insurance for emotional reasons.

So it only makes sense that it should be marketed in such a way to motivate people through their emotions. However, despite the failures of their marketing methods most companies still put out the same old boring stuff! Why? Why not a better way that converts?

Finally, an easier way without the torture of cold calling! I read an article in one of the life insurance magazines about an agent who sells more than 400 hundred life insurance policies a year through the mail. He earns 450k in commissions, and never leaves his house. And he never made a single cold call, either.

This lead generation system put him in the 1/10 of 1% of top producers worldwide. Give me a break another sales technique that doesn’t work.

But I was curious, so I called the free phone number to receive a copy of the free report mentioned in the article.

When the report came, I discovered what could be the most expensive mistake ever!

The report explained that one of the most costly mistakes salesmen make when marketing life insurance is they fail to use emotional advertising.

I have permission to teach you these many ways, which will give you a competitive advantage.

By learning from me, here’s what you’ll get a…

Never ending flow of clients who want to do business if you follow specific strategies…

In fact, I found out that the worst thing you could do was use marketing that brags about products. You know, the kind with pie charts and bar graphs in the page, and the legal mumbo jumbo in small print. When I stopped to think about it, it’s no wonder why this stuff ends up in the bin. Fortunately this report explains what type of marketing works best for brokers and agents.

Better yet it gives you a step-by-step approach so that you can stop throwing away your hard earned money.

If you feel frustrated with the money you’re making and you are sick and tired of cold calling and other sickeningly pushy ways…I advise you to click the button below, and get a copy of this eye opening report for yourself.

After all, wouldn’t you like to have all prospects call you for a change?

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